My name is Mother Water

I am Bythus, the Deep

I am Enigma, cloaked in Mystery

My Purpose is Truth

My Goal, the Magnetic Breath

My Destiny, the Argent Form

I am at the beginning of a never-ending journey

I am Ancient and Timeless

I am Here and Now

I am the Eternal Child

I am forever reborn

I am Solitude and Oneness

I am Fire and Water

I am Passion and Peace

My grief is fathomless and enduring

My ecstasy, boundless and ever-new

My rage blasts deserts and fuels cyclones

My tears overflow rivers and oceans

The winters are my stillness

The springs are my joy

I am the Silence which gives Voice to all things

I am the Indigo Seer

I am the Siren

Hear my Song

– Maluvia

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