While Rome Burns 11 Ahau 3 Yax

This is a sad day: standing witness to the final dissolution of all pretense of democracy, human rights, justice, morality or even sanity in this utterly mad, morally and spiritually bankrupt nation arrogantly calling itself ‘America’.

While I am glad to see the noxious waste that passes for government and its institutions going down in flames – to an end it most richly deserves – I grieve for the innocents who will most suffer the burden of this monumental folly and its ineluctable collapse.

The depraved plutocrats and oligarchs have secured the golden parachutes and platinum safety nets by means of which they intend to flee to their safe havens, while those remaining on the lowest rungs of the societal ladder – those who have already been plundered, gang-raped, and sacrificed to the twin gods of incomprehensible greed and its ever-present partner: insatiable lust for power and domination – will be further shoved down society’s manholes to slog through the massive underground sewer system of our hopelessly class-fractured society – to gasp for breath and grasp for life as best they can, while their children, and children’s children will be born into slavery and oppression for generations to come.

Or – perhaps not.
Perhaps the extremity of the crisis yet to unfold, and the long-overdue awakening of the slumbering masses accompanied by their inevitable outrage and indignation, will finally, at long-last, bring about the complete dismantling of the fatally diseased white-man’s power structure calling itself ‘Western Civilization’ – and a new, more equitable non-order will emerge.
The seeds of beautiful flowers lie germinating in the sludge and detritus of the failed experiment in social ordering called Western Capitalism (or Socialism, or Communism, or Fascism, or any other ‘ism’)
Perhaps human beings will finally open their eyes, as well as their hearts, and forever spurn the shackles that a small, inbred and devolved class of sociopaths – undeserving of even being called humans – has endeavored to chain them to in perpetuity.

I want very much to devote this space to a positive and uplifting focus – but I am too depressed right now.
Yet in the larger perspective, the events unfolding are positive.
That which is counter to anything evolutionary in human consciousness is in the early stages of irretrievable dissolution – and only good can come of that.

On this day I do not feel inspired or eloquent – only deeply saddened.
I would like at this moment in history to defer to the eloquence of others whose courage, honesty, and penetrating insight I deeply admire.
Their words ring as a clarion call amidst the panicked and unreasoning din of those whose denials have finally come home to roost.

I invite others to read these exceptional essays on the present calamitous events – both their causes, and the opportunity they present to a jaded and war-weary world.

One Nation Under Capitalism

A powerful indictment of our failed capitalist system, by Jason Miller.

Arthur Silbur’s Power of Narrative blog further unravels the current crisis and what has brought us to this brink:

The State and Full Spectrum Dominance

Terrorist State, Abroad and At Home

[How] the Ruling Class Rigged the Game and Won Everything

Finally, an outstanding analysis of the compelling arguments against Statism of any stripe:

If Men Were Angels: The Basic Analytics of the State versus Self-government by Robert Higgs

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